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Manly loses galuvao williams to injury

Warriors in favour of Matt Gillett for hooker clash

Warriors look on from the stands before the final siren

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Light shed on southern ocean climate change link by Warming ocean carbon, an article by Richard Lindzen and Dr. James Hansen


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Чеченцы убивают наших детей центре Киева, вечером 1 декабря 2019, был убит ребенок Вячеслава Соболева, псевдо воинами АТО, которые с радостью принимают заказы на убийство от чеченской мафии, котороя плотно засела в Киеве и в Украине в целом, переодически устраивая теракты.
Очень странно, когда за громкие преступления, такие как грабежи и разбои, остаются не раскрытыми такое долгое время, при наличии современных методов сыска таких как "Безопасный Город" и тем более, когда сам Вячеслав Соболев, прямо указывает на заказчиков и фигурантов убийства ребенка, которые скрываются от следствия на Кипре, о чем в курсе даже местные спецслужбы.

В какой момент мы можем доверять нашей правоохранительной системе и в какой момент наше правосудие будет не избирательным?
Нам как жителям Киева и Украины в целом, не важно был ли стрелок членом правого сектора, нам не важно чеченская преступная группировка или какая-то другая участвовала и руководила заказом на убийство ребенка.
Нам важно, чтобы наши дети были живы и находились в безопасности на улицах нашей страны.

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Почему наша полиция может осудить человека, за кражу мешка картошки или переход улицы в неположенном месте и объявить об этом на всю странцу, а в тоже время смело закрывать глаза на страшные резонансные убийства ребенка.
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Defence scientist refocuses on missile program after Trump calls China a currency manipulator

The New York Times reported late last week that the U.S. has plans to build up its own stealth missile forces by buying them from Russian and Chinese manufacturers, with the capability of shooting down cruise missiles on land, even though Washington insists Moscow and Beijing don't have the nuclear capabilities needed for such a capability.

And yet even if it was true, there would be much less chance that the U.S. would become involved in a prolonged conflict that could turn into a full-scale war between two superpowers with far greater military resources and far stronger economies. The U.S. would instead benefit from having a limited, but much-touted, air defence capability.

The problem is that these plans only appear to be on the table for now, when, after all, there's still so much uncertainty about the Russian and Chinese nuclear arsenals. Russia's air force has a fleet of BUK medium-range missiles, while China's has an array of Scud missiles.

The only question is where the U.S. will start to buy up its own, or buy more from other nations. It was also reported yesterday by the Financial Times that "the Pentagon is seeking to improve its technology to intercept potential Chinese drones."

So is Canada or Australia going to step in to ensure American interests in space are maintained?

Defence officials said last week that the U.S. is not involved in maintaining the space station. But if the U.S. were to take a similar stance towards China, this would be a much clearer signal than before that "this is a serious problem with China," as former CIA officer and former Air Force commander Air Force Lt. Gen. Jeff Davis put it.

And if we are to avoid all this, the only thing America, our allies and the international community can do is be more clear about what it expects China to do, and how it expects it to do it.

It is a real problem for Washington that China can, and does, engage in what's called economic development for its own benefit, with no obvious end in sight.

China is building its own ballistic missile program in defiance of every international agreement that the U.S. or the international community made in the aftermath of 9/11 and the post-Cold War era. China can be said to have been more aggressive, more threatening, more destabilizing — it is just the most recent example.

When China's space program, or anything similar, becomes a bigger threat, it needs to be more careful, or China will only become more involved in other international disputes in the future.

That is something a strong, stable America doesn't want t

Telstra price controls extended from November 2013

The Coalition said it had "tough and serious" policy plans on how Australians should spend their tax dollars but said people had to accept the existing rules of the game.

"The Government will make no further comment on this matter as it is currently in the process of examining and implementing its current plan to implement the legislation, which is currently before Parliament," a spokesman said.

"The Opposition will seek to ensure that Australians fully understand the Government's policy on the telecommunications industry."

If the Greens win a motion in the Lower House, they will put it to a vote. If Labor wins a majority in the lower house it will then be put to a vote of the Parliament.

Australian Communications Consumer Action League's managing director Catherine Wilson said if the lower house vote passes the bill will be signed off by the Prime Minister.

"I think the Coalition will sign it off very quietly as their government and so I think the Government will sign it, as well," she said.

Topics: federal-parliament, telecommunications, wireless, internet-technology, australia

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Since every miner is now participating in the mining network, mining power continues to increase exponentially in both difficulty and supply, and is therefore much more predictable. One benefit is that as more users add their miners, the demand for bitcoin will also increase. The increased demand for bitcoin also means that there are more users on Bitcoin.org and in other places that are accepting bitcoin. In turn, this means that the Bitcoin price goes up, and with Bitcoin gaining a large amount of users in both the open market and the closed market and new mining pools appearing for each additional user added, the network effects become much more powerful. Since the demand for bitcoin increases so much, it would create a chain reaction that would allow all mining pools to have an advantage.

This would have great consequences for a global market for Bitcoin, not only in its technical features like block reward distribution and block size control and confirmation times and transaction fee distribution, but also in its political features, notably its ability to become a currency of choice in many countries around the world. The creation of this global market would have an impact on the Bitcoin community for several reasons. For one thing, it could have the greatest negative effect on Bitcoin as a currency due to many countries having very little demand for the currency in general. The increased difficulty in mining the currency would then increase the price. This increase in value would also create huge demand for other currencies. For one thing, Bitcoin could become a "store of value" currency that people in countries with high inflation can easily spend in the currency markets. It could help build up a trust in currencies, which would then increase demand for and create a lot of demand for other currencies, which in turn would allow users to spend more in other currencies to acquire more Bitcoins. All of these things result in the Bitcoin network becoming much more valuable over time, and thus a lot of users choosing to mine on the network, even though they are not contributing in any way to the network's economic success.

Indon police arrest terrorism suspects in connection with the Mumbai blasts. — ANI (@ANI_news) December 10, 2014

The police have also arrested two accomplices of the terrorists and two men from the city's neighbouring districts, an official said.

What’s the most historic thing that has happened in your lifetime?

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Driver in critical condition after gold coast crash.


Topics: racing, cycling, community-and-society, sydney-2000, australia, australia, vic, nsw, wa

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Nsw passes controversial vaccination laws

It's only natural to imagine why the South will be angry. After all, South Africans were also the first country in Africa to pass controversial vaccination laws, allowing parents to refuse to vaccinate their kids. The laws had serious consequences, including people taking their own lives and an outbreak of a strain of measles.

The South African government has been under intense criticism this year for its response to a measles outbreak in which more than 500 people were killed in and around Johannesburg. One of the cases was from the state of KwaZulu-Natal.

But the recent crackdown has caught everyone by surprise. One of the laws, which were signed in 2010, banned "medical tourism" and medical procedures that would help those living with HIV or malaria.

The new laws had the backing of the country's largest health groups. The Ministry of Health, the main source of public support for health-care programs and policy, insisted it was a necessity. "They want the on public assistance, they are very fearful about the future of their children," said one health official.

But the South African Medical Association blasted the laws as "unacceptable," arguing the laws would increase the risk of health complications among patients by forcing them to be screened more frequently, which the health minister argued would actually worsen the situation.

Some politicians argued the laws are actually part of a wider shift in South Africa towards less government control over the practice of medicine.

This week, the government moved to give greater autonomy to government health bodies, in the hope it could streamline procedures.

The laws, backed by the anti-choice National Party, passed with support from the conservative African National Congress, which supports more stringent vaccine restrictions, as well as the liberal Progressive Party and the centrist Jewish National Fund.

Many of South Africans have criticized the new law, including former president Kgalema Motlanthe and Health Minister Marius Pretorius. "If the law was passed for the simple reason of child protection, I don't think parents would have signed it," said Pretorius at a press conference today.

Meanwhile, many people, including celebrities, have started using anti-vax hashtags online in the wake of the South African government's response. Among them is former South African President Nelson Mandela, who tweeted this morning (March 16): "We may be the worst country in the world but we have a great team that's doing all we can to fight for you. We need your help."

Vaccines are expensive in South Africa, despite being considered an essential benefit, and health experts say the bill will likely slow children's development.

In fact, vaccines account for nearly 2 percent of daily deaths in South Afric

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Time to vote for woolpoll again?

"It has become clear in recent times that my time has run out"

– Alton Williams

In the run up to last year's election there were many debates on whether or not to take a more active role in the management of the Wool Poll and how it should be run. Many felt it was important to start the process by re-signing the contract but for the first time in history the Wool Poll had not been run as a full time work of the corporation as it was intended to be. As such the Wool Poll contract was not renewed but was simply given a month extension for the election – this has made for some serious drama.

The Wool Poll has a loyal following as a very personal and well-liked event, and a loyal and influential forum for people to express themselves in the workplace.

There is also no doubt that the recent surge in Wool Poll membership and growth has seen the opportunity to gain much larger and wider visibility in the community as a whole as it was the best way to spread our message to a broader audience. However, the new contracts of employment do not necessarily mean this will be the case.

With the Wool Poll moving from an individual company with the power to pay people into membership, to a collective company, there are now the implications of this as well as the possibility of more and greater corporate involvement. The Wool Poll's new contract also does not guarantee the Wool Poll's future viability, but we as a collective are happy to discuss the contract with our representatives at Wool Poll HQ.

If you are considering switching from Wool Poll to a new non-profit organisation or start another independent organisation you should ask about our Wool Polls at Wool Poll HQ. If you are already interested in joining the Wool Poll please give us a call on 07907 803 807.

Nz pm pays respects to christchurch community members at c-train station

Police were looking into a report of multiple gun shots late Wednesday night at the C-Train station near Newburyport Avenue and Stonestreet Avenue around 12:45 a.m. Police have not released details on the incident.

In 2009, a gunman opened fire at an Indian restaurant on the same block.

A spokesperson for the Salvation Army told reporters that members are looking for assistance for those affected by Tuesday's shootings.

"As our prayers and support for the C-Train station staff members continues to roll in, we will continue to work with them to ensure everything is done in a respectful manner," reads a post to its Facebook page on Wednesday evening. "Please note that this assistance is in addition to our existing community programs."

Read or Share this story: http://www.greenportonline.com/story/news/crime/2016/08/01/police-hunt-over-shooting-at-c-train-station/89122401/

Army chief warns government not to cut funding for security forces following suicide bomb attack

The Army chief, General Peter Chiarelli, has expressed his frustration over the deteriorating security situation in Libya and urged the country's government to "do something", Reuters reports.

The general, who led the Nato force in Libya until September 2011, is in Paris on Monday for a meeting with French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to discuss Libya.

He spoke to journalists after arriving in Paris, when the United States and Nato announced their plan to deploy around 100 special forces to support Libyan forces in any future operation there.

"Libya needs to do something, and the military needs to go beyond its own interests and help out to the benefit of the Libyan people," Chiarelli told reporters on Monday.

" I left office, they said things like this are the best days in the history of the Libyan people."

Asked how, exactly, France would step in to help support the Libyan forces, Chiarelli said the two "shouldn't be on very good terms, but there have to be partners."

While there were disagreements within the Nato force on where and how to provide such help, some French and US diplomats have acknowledged that they think the best course forward is to provide more help to the Libyan forces.

Chiarelli, who has been in power since February, is also one of the most outspoken foreign policy architects in the European Union and Nato, having served at the Nato secretary general's conference in Brussels.

The latest suicide attack in Benghazi killed 15 people on Sunday when gunmen stormed a consulate and security checkpoints on the second anniversary of the 2012 embassy attack, and killed another five when gunmen attacked a CIA base in nearby Tawat.

But Chiarelli was the one who launched the air campaign against Islamists in the country in March 2011, the first major ground operation since the fall of the country's authoritarian government in 2011, sparking the international outcry that culminated in a military intervention in October 2011.

Libya is a major oil exporter and Libya's second-largest employer, after Algeria. It is home to nearly 1 million foreigners.


Second guard arrested over saddam video

WEDNESDAY, June 28 – A woman was arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous weapon for her role in allegedly filming an act that injured a police officer.

The charge comes after a woman who was arrested in connection with the video said she was not the victim and there were two other women in the video that were not injured.

"There were two others that were injured, as far as the injured officer's family knows," said Sheriff Bob Gualtieri during a Wednesday news conference.

The investigation into the video continues.

The sheriff said there are two separate, unrelated police reports involved in this case.

It was unclear exactly when this man was arrested.

He is being held at the county jail without bond.

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Land tax reform needed michael obrien

Harrison said he expects tax reform to start up in the fall, and the bill should be in effect by year-end.

The new tax would reduce the state's tax burden on businesses and help the economy, Harrison said.

"They can do it by not giving anybody a raise because we're going to keep people in the workforce," he said.

"I really hope you don't say that, but what you can do is give employers the flexibility to grow by hiring new people and new ways to cut costs, while keeping the money for people who are still here today who will need these resources."

The proposal comes amid growing concern that Wisconsin is losing some of its best and brightest to the nation's other great states.

In addition to losing the Big 6 — in particular, President Trump — the state lost hundreds of federal contractors, executives and state workers.

A national economic survey released last week by The Brookings Institution and the Economic Policy Institute found the state lost around 800 manufacturing jobs in November alone.

A separate poll done by the non-partisan group Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce found that Wisconsin lost 2.7 percent of manufacturing jobs in November, the highest number since May.

"This is really about the lack of competitiveness in Wisconsin," said Kevin Boyd, a professor of economic history at the University of Wisconsin.

But others argued the idea that workers should be given a raise was politically unpopular.

"There's not a lot of support for that in Wisconsin at the moment, which suggests that Governor Walker's strategy didn't go quite as deep as he thought," said Bruce Feser, president of the Wisconsin Manufacturers' Association.

He said the problem is bigger than an aging workforce.

"It's really about the decline in wages nationally," Feser said. "People who lose their jobs, it doesn't matter which state they work for, it doesn't mean they can't retrain to do jobs that might be of greater value."

The federal tax plan would not help the struggling blue-collar workforce, Feser said.

"You can't build a business on unemployment," he said.

The governor has been trying to win support for his plan with an economic development agency.

The tax overhaul will go before the state Assembly in September, and legislators will have to approve it in committee before it heads to Gov. Scott Walker's desk.

There is some consensus that if the Wisconsin House passes it, it could be put to a vote within weeks.

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